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Aluminum and PVC windows

Windows that take care of you With CoinWindows systems you will get: Maximum thermal insulation, the best protection against noise, security and resistance.
And now take advantage of the Renove Plans.


Glass Curtains

Transparent glazing for protection against wind, weather agents, and noise. The sliding enclosures horizontally allow configuring very versatile spaces thanks to its innovative sliding technique and guides. They are available in glass or aluminum, according to the required needs.


Bioclimatic Pergolas

Our Bioclimatic Pergolas can be completely opened, protects from the rain and allows to regulate the intensity of natural light, especially when the weather is fine. It is the only system of visors for protection against the sun equipped with adjustable blades and fully electrically packaged that allow adjusting the light intensity and ventilation.


Intelligent Crystal/Glass

Save energy in winter and summer by placing Intelligent Crystal/Glass in your windows. The most balanced glass on the market for your windows:
• They filter solar radiation, improving comfort and saving air conditioning in summer.
• Thanks to the lowest U value in the market you will save on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.


Partnership with the Junta de Andalucía

The Andalusian Regional Government subsidizes the change of windows in 2017 through the ``Program to Promote Sustainable Construction in Andalusia``, regulated by Decree Law 1/2014, of March 18.


Shower and Bath Screens

Customize your shower space with the style you want. When we talk about customizing bathroom screens, in CoínWindows we go far beyond what you can imagine. We shape an aspiration, a dream, a feeling. Because of more than screens, we create solutions for you to enjoy your space.


Canopies, Blinds and Stores

At CoínWindows we make sure that life on the balcony and terrace can be enjoyed even more beautifully. The frames and mechanical systems especially durable, light and sophisticated are manufactured and designed in our own custom made and customized house. We are all different, with different priorities, dreams and desires. Let us inspire you to get the most out of your terrace, porch or balcony.


Customized Mosquito Nets

Are you tired of having to endure the annoying mosquito bites year after year? Placing good mosquito nets in your windows, problem solved. The awakening ended in the middle of the night with a mosquito bite. From now on, nights of comfort and well-being for you and your whole family. We have different models and sizes to fit your needs

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The small details that make the difference

QUALITY is Our Passion


Our customers let us know that our service is exactly the one that has been budgeted, both in terms of delivery and in the quality of the products.


For us, the quality of service to our customers is the main thing. In this way, we achieve the satisfaction of our customers through competitive and quality solutions.


We have a team of qualified professionals for each part of our work to provide each project with the unique characteristics that define it.


Our mission as a company is to provide solutions to make your ideas come true and that the experience of working with us is the best possible


We are a family formed by people who transmit all their passion at work. Committed professionals who base their day to day effort and perseverance.


Our biggest concern is to think about what we can improve. This level of demand has allowed us to offer solutions and products with high performance and sustainability.

Research & Development in our company

We carry out studies, tests and trials that allow us to define the most appropriate solutions and continue to guarantee the highest quality. In this way, at CoínWindows we are able to respond to the demands of the most dynamic markets, with top quality products and satisfying both existing niches and emerging demands.

For us, the quality of customer service is our main concern.

Our mission as a company is to provide solutions to make your ideas come true and that the experience of working with us is the best possible.

We’re a business synonymous with guarantee in design, production and installation of a large range of products, characterised for its innovative conceptions, quality and contemporary design. We adapt to your needs and budget to make your ideas come true.

We have a team of qualified experts to equip every project with their unique characteristics.

Our team of professionals will advise you to achieve the greatest energy savings, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in your home.


Our Philosophy

Our daily work consists in creating products that favor the wellbeing and energy saving of those who acquire them
José M. Sánchez Amaya
  • José M. Sánchez Amaya