Alumininium Windows

Practicable Windows from CoínWindows offer multiple options of adaptable openings to suit any needs of the consumer, guaranteeing the largest seal, termal and acoustic insulation and a long useful life. They’re an optimum optimal investment in the short, medium and long term that allow the possibility of increasing the entrance of natural light in any kind of climate without giving up on any service.

Sliding Doors

To save space, have a huge glazed surface, improve the connection between the inside and the outside or simply enjoy your house’s sights, the best option is CoinWindows’ sliding doors, with an easy use and allowance of big glass surfaces with the equivalent benefits of a folding window.


Verandas from CoínWindows are a solution that allow the conection between the inside and the outside, improving a transparent dialogue without giving up on the comfort of your home. It adds luminous spaces to the residential surface: work spaces, canopies for swimming pools or greenhouses, thanks to multiple combinations that they offer.

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