Being able to relax without any worries under the sunrays in your garden, taste the light that your terrace brings you or enjoy outdoors with complete tranquility in your balcony contributes to improving our feeling of wellbeing and quality of life at home, being this the main goal of CoinWindows.

Canopies with a high functional and aesthetic value that, due to its excellent characteristics, in many cases become essential for the whole year.


CoinWindows offers a huge variety of blinds and stores, with attractive and elegant designs which adapt to every environment, becoming unique. Systems that give a total control over your privacy, with which you will be able to regulate the entrance of light and, at the same time, they will help you obtain a bigger energetic saving. Between all our options of blinds and stores, you can pick between:

  • Roll Up

  • Stor Glass

  • Pleated

  • Vertical

  • Sliding Panel

  • Aluminium Venetian

  • Wooden Venetian

  • Foldable

  • Fantasy Decoration


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