The current design of dwelling, houses and offices, commercial, industrial or pleasure is fundamentally based on functional aesthetic and economic criteria.

The use of glass as an aesthetic material is becoming more and more popular, since only glass curtains can combine beauty,durability and transparency, complying with the requirements of nowadays constructions. The use of glass curtains in façades improves the sensation of space, it provides light indoors and it doesn’t transform its aspect, integrating with the environment.

CoinWindows systems provide many advantages: they reduce considerably outside noises, wind, water and dirt, the cost on heat-cold conditioning and they improve the value of the house because they get more useful meters for your enjoyment.

Glass curtains systems from CoinWindows use tempered glass for security, in different thickness of 6 and 8 mm, providing security and protection at the same time.

Glass curtains offer many advantages, such as:

LIGHT AND ADJUSTEMENT: The sliding leaf slips gradually thanks to small wheels camouflaged in its inner part, which are also treated to absorb noises. Once the enclosure is installed, it is posible to adjust the wagons for little tolerances vertically. This adjustment is made from leaves.

USE: The first sliding leaf carries an incorporated hidden vertical batten which make easy its use. The function of trawling of the contiguous leaves allow the closure of the whole enclosure manipulating the first leaf solely, in just one action.

FUNCTIONAL SECURITY: It is possible to incorporate a trimming handle with outside or inside closure (optional), crammed knob or central lock.

TRANSPARENCY AND PROTECTION: The sliding system allows a completely transparent closure. Its aliasing of leaves, in a closed position, of 25 mm guarantees the constant ventilation of space and protection against the rain.

DRAINAGE: The lower guide of the frame has got little openings, especially thought for the drainage.

REGULATION OF HEIGHT: The horizontal upper frame of the enclosure is prepared for tolerances up to 20 mm, this way the functionality of the system is guaranteed, even in cases of settlement of the construction.

MEETINGS AND FINISHINGS: The lateral outside profiles of the set allow a clean and disguised union between frame and construction.

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