Our PVC windows have a system designed and manufactured with specific focus on very cold or hot climates, where weather resistance, tightness and thermal insulation are priorities.

The accessories are perfectly integrated with the special solidity of the product and at the same time satisfy the need to support large weights with an innovative aesthetic taste, in particular with regard to the hinges and the anodized aluminum and stainless steel trolleys, in addition of the handles of straight and minimalist shapes.

All the details are manufactured following an exclusive design with carefully selected and tested materials to guarantee maximum functionality, reliability and durability.

Fields of application:

Winter gardens, large glazed windows that allow the interior of the house to communicate with the exterior, thus creating a unique space, commercial premises, etc.


The thermal cut is achieved with 28 mm polyamide bars. The upper and lower guides and the side frames form a closed frame and incorporate, together with the leaves, double joints that act by compression.


They are always custom, they can be up to 1200 mm wide or 3000 mm high. The length of the closing structure has no limits, because you can assemble as many groups of sheets as you want. The casements, which slide on guides, are joined to each other by means of joints and special fittings. Weight of the sheet up to 100Kg.

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